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Surface grinder product release

You asked and we listened! We are excited to announce the release of our new surface grinding attachment!

This idea has been in development for quite awhile. I wanted to bring something new and exciting to the market that didn’t necessarily follow what was already out there. We considered may different ideas from a stand-alone unit to an integrated stand with a surface grinder build in. We settled on developing an attachment. Once we decided on the attachment style unit we worked hard to develop a great unit that was innovative while keeping the cost manageable. What we developed is an amazing attachment with a bearing-less slide, magnets that can be switch on/off without power, 15” surface, tilting surface, and a easy to use digital counter.

We are happy to open up preordering at a great deal!

The image below is of our prototype unit. We will be starting our production parts soon and shipping the first units in late March.

New Videos of our GEN 3 2x72 Belt Grinder design

We are posting new videos to our YouTube channel over the next few days of our new 2x72 belt grinder design and our other product offerings.



New announcements and lots of exciting things!

First off all our products are available thru This partnership has been a couple months in the making but we are excited to partner with them.



We have had an increase in sales and our product is being used across multiple industries! We have our grinders in custom motorcycle fabrication shops, general fabrication shops, as well as, being used for custom knife making. Check out our instagram page for more photos and videos of a complete Black Fox Knife Works ONE 2x72" grinder build.

In less exiting news:

We have received notice from our motor manufacture that prices will be increasing 5% and from our fabricator that steel and aluminium prices are rising. Even though price are increasing we are locked into our current pricing until we run out of stock. Get your orders in while you can to take advantage of the current pricing. Over the next few months we will be taking a hard look at our design, fabrication, and vendors to brainstorm solutions to keep pricing the same for next year.

Thank you all for your support,

Thaddeus HIcks, Owner, Black Fox Knife Works



2x72 grinder in augmented reality using the Augmented App.

Check out our 2x72 belt grinder design using the free Augment app! 

You can view the design in 3D in real time and space thru your phone. Create a target to place the grinder anywhere to get an idea of the space required. Check out the video below of more information.

Check out our 2x72 Black Fox ONE belt grinder in the Augmented app. You can view the grinder design in real time and space using your phone. More info on the grinder at

Development of the Black Fox ONE 2x72 belt knife Grinder

Engineering started in June of 2017 with the goal of making a knife grinder that would be versatile enough for anybody to achieve their ONE goal. The benchmarks of design were:

  1. Combine the functionality of a vertical and horizontal grinder
  2. Use standard grinder components
  3. Use standard industry part components
  4. Manufacture easily
  5. Be cost effective

The first design iteration was subjected to stringent finite element analysis (FEA) and computer modeling.

First design revision FEA results: Shows the von mises stress with a torsional load and weight applied by the motor

First design revision FEA results: Shows the von mises stress with a torsional load and weight applied by the motor

Shows the displacement of the same loads applied as the stress model.

Shows the displacement of the same loads applied as the stress model.

Even though the results of the FEA testing showed that the grinder had low stress and deflection it was found thru a quick poll of peers that the grinder looked not as robust as it should. With this feedback in hand we upsized the sheet metal material thickness to increase the robust look of the grinder.

The first prototype of the grinder was built in August of 2017.

Prototype design

Prototype design

The prototype grinder hit many of the benchmarks:

  1. Can be positioned horizontally or vertically
  2. Uses standard knife making components
  3. Uses industry standard fasteners and components
  4. Costing at high quantities could produce a competitive pricing model

Some small details needed to be addressed:

  1. Tube had a seam and therefore a modification of a standard 1.5" arm was used
  2. Head unit was not as straight as it should have been
  3. Tracking block only allowed for limited motion
  4. Although the pivot locking system worked well we wanted it to work better

After some testing we decided that to take the design to the next level it had to be reviewed by a Master bladesmith. Luckily Bruce Bump lives in the same town. I contact Bruce to see if he was interested in taking a look at my prototype and providing feedback. Thankfully he was open to the idea and willing to take some time to review it. I trucked my prototype design over to Bruce's house where he and his apprentice picked apart my design have gave me some wonderful suggestions to bring the design up to another level. With Bruce's feedback in hand as well as the details I knew needed to be addressed I spent another 2 months tweaking the design. 

The final design pushes the limits of what a great knife grinder should be and sets the benchmark high for future grinders. Not only do we believe that this 2x72" belt grinder will do well in the knife making industry it will do well in woodworking, fabrication, and any application where precision material removal is needed. We have received great feedback on the design and look forward to seeing what 2018 holds for us.

The first production run will be ready to ship the last week of December 2017 with a second batch of 5 that will be ready mid to late January. 

Rendering of the final design

Rendering of the final design