New announcements and lots of exciting things!

First off all our products are available thru This partnership has been a couple months in the making but we are excited to partner with them.



We have had an increase in sales and our product is being used across multiple industries! We have our grinders in custom motorcycle fabrication shops, general fabrication shops, as well as, being used for custom knife making. Check out our instagram page for more photos and videos of a complete Black Fox Knife Works ONE 2x72" grinder build.

In less exiting news:

We have received notice from our motor manufacture that prices will be increasing 5% and from our fabricator that steel and aluminium prices are rising. Even though price are increasing we are locked into our current pricing until we run out of stock. Get your orders in while you can to take advantage of the current pricing. Over the next few months we will be taking a hard look at our design, fabrication, and vendors to brainstorm solutions to keep pricing the same for next year.

Thank you all for your support,

Thaddeus HIcks, Owner, Black Fox Knife Works