Payment options overview

At Black Fox Knife Works we pride ourselves on providing the best customer service. To helpout future customers and returning customer we are offering several payment options for our 2x72 belt grinder product line.



The layaway option allows you to reserve any of our products without paying the full price upfront. Here is how it works:

When a grinder is reserved thru layaway we place a shipping hold on the grinder until the grinder has been completely paid off. Once the payment is complete the grinder will ship same day or in rare cases next day.



Purchasing equipment can be a major decision.  With the productivity increases that this equipment can bring to an individual or company or the potential to significantly grow sales, many times it makes sense to borrow the money rather than saving before making the purchase.  There are many options that should be considered.
Many times your local bank is your best option for financing.  I always encourage you to talk to your local banker about your financial needs. 

in-house FINANCING plan

Our in-house financing plan is here to help you afford our grinder with an easy and affordable payment options. Here is how it works:

  1. To qualify for our in-house financing plan a down payment of 60% is required for new customer. Returning customer are only required to have a down payment of 40%.

  2. There is a 6% processing fee to setup the recurring payment plan

    1. Cover the setup and credit card transaction fees

  3. Shipping is calculated at a flat rate of $130 for any grinder package

  4. Payment plan can be spread over 12-18 months


Black Fox One Standard - $2500

Processing Fee (6%) - $150

Shipping - $130

Total financed: $2750

Down Payment (New customer): $1668

Monthly payments (12 months): $92.66

Down Payment (Returning customer): $1112

Monthly payments (12 months): $139


Contact us if you are interested in our layaway program or in-house financing option