Contact Platen

Contact Platen


This platen is decked out with high end specifications. We use a 2" and 5" smooth rubber wheels on each side of a thick 1080 cold rolled platen plate with a 8" work surface. The platen plate is supported by over sized "L" brackets to ensure no flexing during grinding. The platen also comes with a removable glass shelf for a thick piece of glass to reduce friction and wear to your grinding surface. The work rest is made from aluminum with an orbital finish to give a drool worthy finish.


  1. 1080 platen (8" work surface)

  2. removable glass shelf

  3. 2" rubber contact wheel (70 durometer)

  4. 5" rubber contact wheel (70 durometer)

  5. Over sized platen plate

  6. Over sized "L" brackets

  7. 1/2" hardware

We partner with local and small business in the Pacific Northwest to product the best knife making equipment on the market. The platen and glass shelf is sized perfectly for glass. 

Tooling arm and horizontal work rest is not included.

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