Black Fox ONE PRO- 2x72" Belt Grinder

Black Fox ONE PRO- 2x72" Belt Grinder

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The Black Fox ONE Pro is at the forefront of 2x72” grinder design and innovation. By using a linear actuator we can apply a constant and variable tension that is repeatable. The tension applied is independent of external factors meaning that no matter what belt or how stretched the belt becomes the tension pressure will always be the same. The variability is controlled with a potentiometer for tension adjustments from 0-100% of available force.


  1. Black Fox ONE chassis

  2. Electric linear actuator

  3. Black Fox contact platen

  4. 2 aluminum tooling arms

  5. Vertical Work rest

  6. 2 HP motor (3600 rpm)

  7. VFD motor control

  8. 5” drive wheel

  9. 4” tracking wheel

  10. Gas tension spring for constant applied pressure

  11. Positioning assist spring

  12. Slag shield

  13. Tool arm bolts

  14. Tension belt handle

Ships within 4-5 weeks (lead time on the cylinder from our supplier). We can ship earlier with the standard gas spring to get you up and running.

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